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Advanced Projects Research, Incorporated (APRI) is a California corporation, founded in 1989, which specializes in aero propulsion, power system engineering and laser diagnostics. APRI has extensive background and expertise in fluid mechanics, propulsion and power systems, combustion, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, hardware and software design, optics, state-of-the-art numerical algorithms and fluid/propulsion system design with design test and validation. APRI's goal is to integrate fundamental analysis, modeling, and the system engineering method to provide its customers with unprecedented products and support services.

APRI consists of a core of engineers and scientists with supporting technical staff augmented as appropriate by highly qualified consultants. The broad experience base of APRI's engineers gives APRI strong capability in theoretical analysis, numerical analysis, modeling, test design and implementation, and product development. APRI's personnel have considerable experience in managing and conducting fast-paced, research-intensive, high technology programs and excel in this type of environment.

APRI is currently focused on three primary project areas: pulse detonation engines (PDEs), laser-induced thermal acoustics (LITA) and high-voltage, high-power battery systems. APRI is at the forefront of development in the pulse detonation field, having done extensive PDE design and validation. APRI's design and production of a LITA diagnostic instrument is cutting-edge, as is the company's work with battery energy systems.

APRI maintains its offices and laboratory on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County in La Verne, California, immediately adjacent to the Brackett Field airport. APRI combines engineering offices, test laboratories and a capable machine shop on the same site, providing the flexibility needed to tackle all phases of product development. In addition to its own facilities, APRI has used government, university, and industry test facilities such as the Explosion Dynamics Laboratory and T-5 hypersonic wind tunnel at Caltech, the 38mm two-stage light gas gun at Titan Corporation's Impact Research Laboratory and the US Navy's Naval Air Weapons Center. Through partnering relationships with other companies and both breadth and depth of internal education and experience, APRI has been able to provide high quality research, design, testing and production in a wide range of areas for a variety of customers.

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